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01 is a 8" x 10" framed print from Mirror Lake, Oregon.

I've been in love with my wife Alyse since shortly after meeting her. When she went to Seattle for her bachelorette weekend a week before our wedding, I threw some food, a water bottle or two, and our tent into a backpack and went to sleep by Mirror Lake.

It was 85 degrees and hot as hell on the side of the trail that hid from any breeze. Humidity was unexpected. By the time I did the short 1.5 mile hike to Mirror Lake, I was exhausted. After setting up my tent, I dove into the water, swimming to the center of the lake to float for a moment.

A simple moment, definitely. But an important one, where I realized that I didn't want to spend days away from Alyse if I didn't have to because goddamn I love that woman.

I swam to shore, dried myself in the sun, and slept the afternoon away.


One For One prints are always in an edition of two, one for you and one for me.


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