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Coming & Going


The idea of home is something I've been wrestling with often. Choosing where we live, who we live with, and how we spend our days is how we live our lives. Analytically, that makes sense. But putting it into practice is a whole other challenge. I don't have any answers or revolutionary ideas—all I have is memories.

Coming & Going are limited edition companion photo essays, meant to be enjoyed together. Each is 28 pages in length, covering how home became the Oregon coast, how that fell apart, and now how my wife and I are possibly getting ready to leave Portland, possibly for good. There are two unpublished essays between them; one long and one short.

The photos from Coming come from an unseasonably warm January day spent on the Oregon coast. The photos from Going are from time spent in Guatemala in February 2015.

Only 45 were printed of each and when they're gone, they're gone forever. They're seven inches wide, eight inches tall. Each copy is hand-numbered and signed. I’ll even write you a love note if you want. I hope you enjoy them. As always, I love you very much.

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