Southern Tip of Aruba


Image of Southern Tip of Aruba

"Do you like to hike? We love to hike. We'll take you. Locals only, no tourists."

Our Airbnb hosts were incredible. On one of our last days on the island, they and their best friends took us on their favorite hike. We hiked on the beach for over a mile before we reached the more rugged terrain of the southern tip of Aruba.

She pointed out a natural bridge built by the waves repeatedly beating into rocks for thousands of years. "It's just like the old one that all the tourists knew about before it collapsed, but without the tourists. Go. Go stand on it. We'll wait here."

I climbed down the 200 feet to the water's edge and climbed onto it. To distant right, I could see the very end of Aruba. Right before me, this print.


Measuring three feet by four feet, an engineering print will wonderfully fill up 12 square feet of your wall. Printed on 20 lb. paper, they're meant to be a taped, tapped, squished, pasted to the wall poster.

These are an edition of five.



Image of Southern Tip of Aruba